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Posted 25 August 2004 - 11:35 AM

2100 AD - All major superpowers appear to be at peace.

2104 AD - Spys discover that almost every nation is still increasing nuclear weapons stocks.

2159 AD - Relations deteriorate between Eastern and Western civilizations. Western bloc becomes the Federation and Eastern Bloc becomes the secretive Alliance.

2378 AD - Full Colonization of the Moon with majority of land under the Federation.

2381 AD - Mass insurrection on the moon. It is later discovered that the Alliance supplied the revolutionaries with arms and credits.

2384 AD - Conflict erupts between the Alliance and the Federation. Billions of civilians die in needless atomic strikes. A new group emerges from the destruction, calling themselves the Independents, and they want little to do with either side.

2391 AD - The Alliance begins to research space technology.

2413 AD - The Federation secretly terraforms Mars. They covertly build designs stolen from the Alliance. Prototype fleet EX1 is put into testing.

2598 AD - A new threat appears almost out of nowhere as aliens known as Harvesters surround the Earth and Moon. All Federation forces flee the destruction that follows and begin planning a counterstrike from the Mars Colony.

2607 AD - Harvester forces hold Earth and the Moon colony for almost 10 years. Their reign will be noted as one of the most brutal in galactic history. Federation forces launch a massive counter attack on Earth and liberate it from Harvester occupation but at a heavy cost. Nearly both fleets are destroyed and the Moon Colony still remains in Harvester hands.

2608 AD - The Harvesters secretly begin work on a ship to outstrip the Federation Excelsior, Project Codename - Raider.

2624 AD - Spies of both the Alliance and the Federation alert them to the great risk that Project Raider poses. Alliance scientists abandon work on Project Eden to address a solution to the Raider threat.

2630 AD - The first prototype Federation Battlecruisers begin to appear, completely unknown to the Harvesters.

2658 AD - Both factions rebuild their battle fleets and prepare once more to go to war. During this time, the Independents have been slowly leaving Earth in their own small ships, searching for a peaceful shelter. First blood is shed by the zealous Harvester forces, all out war is the retaliation of the Federation Forces.

2689 AD - Over 20 years of war passed and the Federation Battlecrusier far outsripped its Harvester counterpart in battle after battle. The Harvesters are reduced to a last stand at the Moon colony and mid battle they unleashed their secret weapon, a weapon of such hideous destruction and power, the Nova Bomb.

2691 AD – Planet Earth is destroyed by the nova bomb, and the moon colony to nothing more than a desolate dust ball. Half of the Federation Fleet and almost all of the Harvester’s own fleet is wiped out. What remains of the Harvester Empire flees into the stars.

2705 AD - With the Harvester threat all but eliminated, the Federation began to reconstruct its war-shattered worlds and peace reigned supreme in the universe.

2724 AD - A post-war population boom caused mass famine across many Federation worlds

2725 AD - The Federation commission the Alliance to continue their work on Project Eden which deals with Real Space travel and the creation of worlds.

2730 AD - The Great Famine is now at its peak, entire worlds are being wiped out and the death toll is reaching near the total for the entire Harvester War. Some Federation colonies are revolting and taking up the flag of the Independents. The Federation realizes that taking back these worlds is pointless because it would tie up half of its fleet.

2722 AD - Alliance scientists use Project Eden to create Earth v.2 in the blink of an eye. The Federation Congress vote to drop the v.2 from the name. This is the first contrast in policy with the Alliance on record.

2730 AD - The Federation orders many new worlds be created and colonized. This is the start of The Great Migration. The results of Project Eden become known as genesis devices, as biblical references are now far to obscure for the public of the mainly atheist Federation.

2807 AD – The Great Famine slowly comes to an end. The Alliance becomes increasingly arrogant and believe themselves godlike in their power to create and sustain life from nothing.

2813 AD - The Federation and the Alliance cannot agree on the correct policy of use for the Genesis devices, the Federation wish to control the use of Genesis technology and use it to expand their empire, where as the Alliance believe that this power is god given and should not be abused as such. In essence this is the seperation economic sector *Alliance* and the military sector *Federation*. From now on relations rapidly degrade. Many point out that this is almost a repeat of history.

2878 AD - Number of worlds created by the Federation with the Genesis devices reaches its peak of 1,000,001.

2903 AD - The Alliance suddenly disappear, taking with them all their secret Genesis technology. Unknown to the Federation the Alliance has secretly organized a revolt amongst the most out-lying colonoes of the Federation’s one million planet empire. Due to time delay in interstellar communication the Federation learns of this too late to act. The Federation and the Alliance are once again against each other.

2937 AD - The Alliance lacks power in ship to ship combat and eventually lose most of their early gains.

2943 AD - Harvester strikes appear from nowhere and then disappear back into nowhere, no trace can be found of the Raiders.

2961 AD - A Federation probe picks up a warp signature leading off into an uncharted sector and is identified as a non-federation ship.

2974 AD - After initial exploration teams failed to return, half of the Federation Fleet prepares to enter the uncharted regions of space. What they found on the other side was death. An enormous Harvester fleet is just inside the uncharted areas of space. Only 258 Battlecruisers out of 25000 limp back to base.

2976 AD - A permanent fleet presence is established around the uncharted zone, containment of the threat is the only current option with Federation forces severely weakened. All raiding parties coming out of the zone are destroyed on sight.

2983 AD - Heavily armored planetary bases are set up in the surrounding space regions and Battlecruiser production centers created to reinforce the fleet. The Alliance also fortify their space zones and once again bury their feud with the Federation.

2997 AD - Military build-up on the Alliance's part increases 10-fold, it appears that something is being planned for the new millenium.

3000 AD - A secret stealth ship, designed by the Federation, slips past the Harvester mines and ships into the uncharted zone. They arrive just in time to see most of the Harvester fleet warp away. They frantically send messages to all known outposts, their element of stealth forgotten. Most messages are intercepted, and the stealth ship itself is torn to shreads. But one message manages to barely reach an isolated outpost, which is then relayed to the Federation planets in an ever increasing circle. Millions of Federation and Alliance probes are launched into deep space, hundreds of ships were sent on searching missions.

3001 AD - The Federation has spent billions upon billions of credits on hunting out the Harvester fleet and has come up with nothing. All is ominously quiet with only sporadic raids upon Federation and Alliance Territory.

3002 AD - Intelligence suggests an attack is to be expected in the future. All major battlecruiser fleets are redeployed around the largest Federation colonies and in the 50 or so sectors around Sol.

3002/3 AD - New Years Eve 3002 AD a date that will go down in history as the largest and most deadly attack ever to be launched by the Harvesters. Literally thousands of Battleships and other ships of all classes are ripped to shreds. Hundreds of thousands of outlying colonies are wiped out of with the deadly Nova Bomb. The Harvesters appear from no-where and disappear back into no-where.

3005 AD - With their major fleets in tatters and most the empire in ruins, the Federation and Alliance withdraw all available ships back to the 50 sectors closest to Sol. Unable to hold all of its outer colonies the Federation rests on the brink of defeat.

3007 AD - No repeat attack comes, but there is no word from any colonies outside of the 50 sectors still held firm. A small Alliance Coloumbus class ship appears at the borders, Inside is General Thermopolis of the Alliance second fleet. He brings with him several hundred colonists and grave news of citizens slaughtered and whole worlds being destroyed with no hesitation by Harvester forces. More importantly though the General hands over designs and an example of a warp editor.

3010 AD - With their own warp editing technology, the Federation is now able to carry out strikes anywhere in the universe and remove the Harvester’s main advantage in the conflict.

3012 - 3037 AD - Constant non-stop decades of war in which neither side made any significant gains, planets and sectors changed hands more times than can be counted, neither force held a large enough advantage to successfully hold their conquered territories, the Federation had its Battlecruiser which far out matched anyother ship but Harvesters far out weighed the Federation in terms of man power.

3041 AD - General Thermopolis and Federation General Johansson come up with battle plan beta 0.19, which with information supplied by General Thermopolis exploited how over stretched the Harvester forces were as literally hundreds of thousands of planets needed defending from Federation attack fleets. It was basically decided that the best and most efficient option to bring about an end to this war was to do nothing at all. The Federation only had 50 sectors to defend and so could do so much more efficiently if they stopped these pointless attacks.

3050 AD - After a few more years of successfully fending off half hearted Harvester attacks, all attacks on the Federations 50 sectors mysteriously grind to a halt.

3053 AD - Intelligence reports began filter through to the Federation that there have been mass vanishing of Harvesters in the conquered sectors. Thousands of planets have gone independent.

3055 AD - Envoys are sent out to reclaim Independent sectors but are met with stiff resistance it appears that many people do not wish to return to the Federation or the Alliance and would rather live unaffiliated to empires with such a violent past.

3057 AD - Federation fleets conduct search and destroy missions and eradicate almost all of the remaining Harvester strongholds, all others strongholds found were found empty. It appears that all remaining Harvester forces have once again scattered themselves through-out the known universe. The questions is…. When will they return??

3063 AD - The Alliance offers a unconditional peace treaty, the Federation accepts the offer and peace is restored fully to the universe.

3075 AD - First Alliance trading ports open in the universe and soon branches off into gambling, securing a large income for the Alliance, although still secretive it appears that the Alliance no longer has any territorial ambitions in Federation Space and relations slowly improve between the two powers.

3081 AD - The Federation Council decides that expansion past its main 50 sectors is un-needed and far too difficult to control. As part of the decree, all independent planets will be left to govern themselves as they see fit.
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