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One ship among the stars

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Posted 25 August 2004 - 06:57 PM

Ryvius Ship Log

With our main colony on Lieba Delta growing by leaps and bounds, I am reminded of a time when we were questioning which day would bring our deaths. Iíve been on the Ryvius since I was born. It is my home and my history. The Ryvius was one of the many ships that were frantically launched from Earth in the year 2691. Back then, it was filled to the hull with as many children as would fit, and a handful of adults to see to their care and educate them. I am fortunate I was not one of those children, watching helplessly through a portal as the nova bomb went off destroying all that they knew. However, my ancestors were of those scared children.

The Ryvius fled to Mars Colony from there, and then many years later, and always under the threats of war, it journeyed onward to claim one of the 1,000,001 planets created by the Genesis Devices. It has only been 34 years since the last Harvester outpost was found and destroyed, but ask anyone and we all agree they are still out thereÖ bidding their time just as they did before.

34 years is hardly enough time for our universe to recover from the devastation. We are struggling still against remnants of the war like stray mines left in once occupied sectors and traps set in space debris. A lot has happened to humanity.

And me? Well I went from a descendent of a terrified little boy and girl, to the captain of the ship that saved their lives.

~ Faina Shunji of the Ryvius
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