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Posted 27 August 2004 - 09:52 PM

Game Options

Allow Team Planet Credit Transfer: Yes
Allow Full Long Range Scan: Yes
Allow Sub-Orbital Fighter Attacks: Yes
Display Password on Registering: No
Genesis torps can destroy planets: Yes
Intergalactic Bank (igb): Enabled
Known Space Maps: Enabled
Navigation Computer: Enabled
Newbie Nice: Enabled
Spy System: Enabled
Allow Spies to capture planets: Yes

Game Settings

Game version: Alien Assault Traders
Averaged Tech level When Emergency Warp Degrades: 1
Number of Sectors: 10,010
Maximum Links per sector: 10
Maximum average tech level for Federation Sectors: 8
igb Interest rate per update: 0.005
igb Loan rate per update: 0.06
Tech Level upgrade for Bases: 2
Colonists Limit: 100,000,000
Maximum number of accumulated turns: 8,000
Maximum number of planets per sector: 5
Maximum number of traderoutes per player: 40
Colonist Birth Rate: 0.0005
Unit of Energy used per sector fighter: 0.06
Sector fighter degradation percentage rate: 5
Maximum number of spies per planet: 10
Spy success factor: 1.0
Spy kill factor: 1.0
Colonists needed to produce 1 Fighter each turn: 20,000
Colonists needed to produce 1 Torpedo each turn: 8,000
Colonists needed to produce 1 Ore each turn: 1,000
Colonists needed to produce 1 Organics each turn: 500
Colonists needed to produce 1 Goods each turn: 1,000
Colonists needed to produce 1 Energy each turn: 500
Colonists needed to produce 1 Credits each turn: 100

Game Scheduler Settings

Ticks happen every: 5 minutes
Turns every: 10 turns every 5 minutes
Interests on igb accounts will be accumulated every: 1440 minutes
News will be generated every: 5 minutes
Planets will generate production every: 2 minutes
Spies will act every: 2 minutes
Ports will regenerate every: 2 minutes
Ships will be towed from fed sectors every: 5 minutes
Rankings will be generated every: 30 minutes
Sector Defences will degrade every: 6 minutes
The planetary apocalypse will occur every: 15 minutes
Planetary Independance: 1440 minutes
Dignitaries will act every: 2 minutes
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