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Alien Assault Traders FAQs

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Posted 25 August 2004 - 09:01 AM

First off, you should read the wonderful guide the the creators of AAT put it out. It's full of everything you need to know, but there are a few questions you might have that aren't addressed there. This FAQs guide is divided into two areas. One having to do with planets, and the other with traveling.

Out and About the Universe

I have a class pioneer ship ......how come I cannot buy colonists?
You have ta get rid of cargo on your ship (goods, organics, ore) to carry colonists.

Why does my score keep going down when I upgrade my base and upgrade my self?
It is because the money you spend on upgrades is essentially lost, as you can't sell or otherwise recover it.

Are nova bombs one use only or multiple use?
Nova bombs are one use only.

What is a bounty and how do I get rid of one?
You get a bounty either by another player or by the federation.
If a player puts a bounty on you the only way to get rid of it is for your ship to be destoyed or you talk the person into taking it off of you.
If you get a Federation Bounty beware. A federation bounty is gotten when you attack a smaller players ship or planets. You can get rid of it by paying it off at an upgrade port or devices planet or by being killed. Note: If you have a federation bounty all your planets can be taken from you by anyone, bounty free. You can also be shot by anyone bounty free. Also if you have a Fed bounty for too long the Fed will come hunting you and may start taking your planets to help pay for the bounty. So you need to pay off that bounty as fast as possible. Go to any upgrade port to pay the bounty.

Is there some way to store your ship and get another?
Yes, but pioneers do not store. All you do is goto a shipyard and buy a new ship. If you have a ship already larger than a pioneer it will give you a choice to buy a new ship and store the other. After that you can switch ships at a small storage fee at any shipyard.

What is an EWD?
EWD (or emergency warp devices) will trigger when you are under attack and randomly warp you, but if your hull is too large they may not work. You can also activate them manually.

How are points/scores determined in the Rankings section?
Points are assessed based on a spectrum of factors. But 1 major factor is the amount of cash at hand on your planets and bank.

What determines Good and Evil?
Positive numbers are "Good". Negative numbers are "Evil". Your good ratings increase when you invest in your planets and build it up. Also if you donate to other players (I believe). And also when you attack an "evil" player. You turn evil when you attack a player with a ranking lower than you, or you fail to pay off the bounty, also if you borrow lots of money from the bank and fail to pay it off.

How do probes work?
Probes work while your off line so you can let them go out searching for you. When you log back in you can check your probe logs to see what it has found
Warp probes only follow sectors, randomly they donot use target sector. Real space probes sequentially means if you start in sector 100 and your target is 200 then it will warp through each sector sequentially till it reaches sector 200 or gets destoyed or you pick it up. Both probes will eat up your own turns so beware!

Making and defending your planets

How do you take control of a zone?
Own all the based planets in a sector. Then you can control what happens in a zone. But if someone takes a planet or 2 they can throw the sector into a warzone, where no rules apply.

How do you support your troops with sufficient energy? I put lots of energy in my sector but its still not enough!
Get alot of colonists and let them generate the energy. Allocate and fill the planet with energy... have it set to 100% for a while.

What are planetary disasters?
Once a planet reaches its maximum of colonists you risk planetary disasters. So as long as you keep your colonists below 45 mill you are safe from planetary disasters.

How do I give a Dignitary a job?
Dignitaries find their own jobs automatically and sometimes it takes them a while.

How do I make a planet?
To make a planet you need to buy one or more genesis torpedoes at a Devices port. Then you go to the sector you have chosen as your home and use the genesis torpedoes from the Devices menu (top link on list on the left). Sectors with a blue star can accept up to 5 planets, if the star is green they accept 4 planets, Yellow star 3, Orange 2 and Red one planet only.

How do I defend my sector?
You can lay down mines(torps) and fighters as SECTOR DEFENSES, this you do from the devices menu, click on mines. this will release up to the amount of fighters and torpedoes your ship carries into the sector and they will be a deterrent to others coming in. Be advised that fighters placed this way will use energy from the planet. Play around with the energy setting and note whether the energy increases or decreases with each update (when timer reaches 0).

What good are space beacons?
Space beacons enable you to put a short messages in a sector, no real purpose other than letting enemies know its your territory.

How do Cargo Ships work?
First you must have have over 10,000 of the items on the planet. If an item ever goes below 10k then that item will not trade. Also, make sure you aren't trading goods with a goods port. If you are then nothing happens. If there are enemy fighters/mines in the port sector nothing happens. Cargo Ships operate slowly, so it can take a while for one set up on a trade route to do something, but the don't use up any of your turns to do so.
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