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An MMO Observation

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Posted 15 August 2006 - 03:11 PM

I guess this post is going to be more of an editorial than anything else, so here it is...

I've noticed lately in my game play that the quality, common sense, and consideration of the average player I come across seems to be vastly declining since my days playing EQ. Perhaps it's just the games I am playing, but it's something that has been bothering me lately.

Those that have played an MMO with me know I'm not a very social person when it comes to gaming. It's not because I prefer to play alone, it's just that I really get absorbed in the games I play, concentrating on the mobs I am fighting and the my health, etc... As I get more comfortable with the game, I talk more to others and participate more in guild/group events.

I played EQ for several years and as far as I can remember there were problems with an occassional train, or someone ninja looting a valuable item in a group or a raid. Those issues were dealt with GMs in a timely matter compared to the other games around at that time, and people's reputation got around. Karma pretty much took care of things.

Next I tried Lineage 2 because of the beautiful graphics. The community was much different than EQ however. Being that L2 is an open PvP game, you always played looking over your shoulder, and had to be careful about people scamming you, people stealing your kills, and all the farmers about taking over certain hunting areas. Finding nice people on L2 was really difficult, since it seemed everyone was out to get everyone else. I discovered that style of PvP game isn't for me, so I stopped playing.

Next was City of Heroes (which I still play and love to death!). Lots of nice people, and a nice community. I think it has a lot to do with that fact that you are play a hero and help people. There is also no economy in CoH, so there are no farmers. I was in a PvP zone the other day and was attacked. We fought for a while, then my opponent complimented my fighting, bowed and we went our seperate ways. Very honorable.

Then there is Guild Wars, which I also still play. Great game for casual gamers. I haven't played in a while, but when I did play I didn't group much, so I can't comment on people's attitudes there. They do seem pretty nice tho.

Currently, I am playing Rising Force Online, Silkroad, and ZerA. Rising Force is a triangle-type game with three races at each other PvP style. There are A LOT of people playing who will do anything to be the best, including leveling services, using RMTers, having multiple people play their accounts, etc... I have met a lot of wonderful people playing this game, but it's also opened my eyes up to the massive amount of cheaters and whiners in MMOs. Just create a new character and try to do your beginning quest. After you get to the hunting fields and there are 8-12 bots one-shotting everything in sight, you'll see what I mean.

The latest discovery is a free game called Silkroad. Beautiful graphics, really nice fighting system. The game itself rocks very much, not to mention it's free. They make their money off selling 'silk' in the online store. Silk will get you pets and other nice things to have, but it's not necessary in order to enjoy the game.

But the community will make your eyes bleed. People cussing each other out using what is barely recognizable as english. People using silk-bought global chat message to tell racist jokes. RMTers and botters using Global Chat to get you to visit their sites and buy their stuff. People botting in the fields, stealing mobs, and just all around being so immature it hurts. The forum at the offical site will make you cry for the fate of humanity. I found another site where the IQ is higher, but the reading comprehension is still very poor. We moved to the Olympus server because of the way things were on Troy, and it's a bit better because it's new. The game itself is so nice though that can turn off the nonsense and enjoy the rest of it.

Seeing the way some games are policed by GMs has made be see why people go to privates servers sometimes. Who wants to pay for a game they can't play as intended?

My point to all this was leading up to a few questions. Are gamers getting more inconsiderate over the past few years, or is it just what I've coming across playing the games I do? Have RMTers infested MMOs so much that they are driving real players from games? Are game companies really doing all they can to keep the games fun for gamers?

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Posted 15 August 2006 - 06:04 PM

Well, honestly I can only really speak for EQ as I didnt dabble long in many of the other MMO's. I'd have to say its a decline in intelligent respectable individuals....

You can even see it in EQ sad.gif I think people are also becoming more and more selfish and thinking only of themselves
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Posted 16 August 2006 - 05:52 PM

... I think people are also becoming more and more selfish and thinking only of themselves.

I think you've got it pegged.

Also, when you have more people in a given group, you have a higher ratio of asshole to non-asshole, so as the group grows, so does the amount of assholes. The gaming community as a whole has grown tremendously over the last few years, so we're gaining more than our share of assholes, just like the rest of any large group.

And I definitely think that there has been a rise in the number of oblivious morons in general who can't see anything beyond their own perspective, or how it affects them. I even know people like this who are not truly Bad people, they're not selfish, they're not stupid, they simply don't give a thought to the further aspects of their words/ideas and consider how they will affect other people before they say/do what pops in their heads. I'm consciously working hard to raise my kids NOT to be that kind of person! I don't know if it's learned, if it's some uncontrolled impulse, what, but if the opposite can be taught, I'm damn sure trying! lol

Back on topic, though, I think that's why I like Guild Wars actually, because when I play with random players and only seem to find groups of jerks, it is very possible to play the game w/ henchies or a small group filled out w/ henchies.

And lately it's not unusual for me to get so fed up with the lack of cooperation and "grandstanding" on a given night that I just chunk the random groups and play with henchies. My favorite, actually, is to play with my oldest son and a henchie group. We can talk easily w/out getting the TeamSpeak going for one thing, plan and discuss options, and we don't have to put up with so much whining. I've lost count of the "WTF?" moments we've been through. When I do find a good group, though, I have to say it works wonderfully and is great. There ARE players out there who can, and want to, play the game the way it should be played, with cooperation and teamwork. And that's just on the PVE side of the game.

PVP lately there seems to be a lot of "rage quitting" when playing with random teams. People don't like the makeup of the team they draw so they drop, leaving you short handed. I have even, on a few rare occasions, seen people laugh about it before they do so, making it obvious they're doing it just because they get a thrill out of pissing people off. I like to think Karma plays out there, on both ends. I' remember the time when I drew a team of 5 caster primaries. I'm pretty sure we all sighed or cussed, I know I did, but no one quit. We gave it our best shot and absolutely kicked ass for 9 glorious rounds, it was fantastic. One of those times when everything just slipped into place... or we got 9 really crappy teams. LOL Whatever, it was a blast. So I certainly hope that since we were, in my mind, amply rewared for sticking out what could have potentially be a disasterous team, the other should play true as well, and those rage quitters will find themselves alone.

As for the chat, I no longer even turn on my local chat in town. I got so sick of racial slurs and bickering, the aboslutely juvenile insults, the endless spam that people just will not keep restricted to the trade channel, who needs that crap? If my youngest is playing with us I simply make sure that ALL of his chat channels are turned off. He's in the room with us, he doesn't need any of the rest of it.

The forums I visit are, for the most part, well moderated and well behaved. There's a fair amount of what I'd call "sucky customers". People who will never be satisfied with anything and think the entire world revolves around them. They usually get told off fairly quickly and the topic closed. I see a lot of frustration, though, in postings dealing with this same topic, so I feel sure what I see myself is fairly widespread. There is, however, a definite aspect there of some people who do, and encourage others, good deeds for the sake of doing them. It's an active movement to try and have a positive role in the game community, just as we can in our real life communities. And they point out that it doesn't have to a huge gesture, you don't have to be able to run people to Drok's for free, or keep them alive in FoW. Personally, when I do occasionaly turn on my local chat in town and see someone looking for materials, I'll donate a few to them, whatever I happen to be carrying on me at the time. It's nothing life-shattering, no big deal, but it leaves people with a good experience of the game, and the community within the game, and when I tell them to "pay it forward" if they offer to pay me back, well, let's hope they do that. Am I going to single handedly change the world of GW with a few given away materials? Of course not. But maybe, just maybe, it's viral, and will spread, and will make the game remain enjoyable for those who truly enjoy playing.

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Posted 17 August 2006 - 07:32 AM

2 thoughts:

1- Stick with CoH/V. Nicest community and best Dev attention to player feedback.

2- Stay away from WOW specially since you can thank them for:

a-slowly hindering the single player game sales market
b-making MMO as popular and "hip" as the Ipod for mp3 players, which results in most CS kids migrating over the the aforementionned genre.

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